Sustainability is an essential part of our business operation. The Geostick Return Programme reduces your carbon footprint and saves costs. The backing paper from our labels (also called backing, carrier material or liner) only serves as a means of transporting the label. After use, it often goes to the waste incineration plant or landfill. This is both a hefty expense and a burden to the environment.

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By participating in our return programme you are contributing to major savings on water and raw materials and a reduction in CO2 emissions. The recycling of 1000 kg of liner saves more than 1.5 tonnes of CO2 emission. The use of recycled backing paper instead of new carrier material saves 37 m3 of water per tonne. For our recycling programme, we are collaborating with two renowned partners: Cycle4green in Finland and Lenzing Paper in Austria. The latter organisation processes the collected backing paper into new paper products.

By recycling backing paper:

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you will reduce your CO2 emissions


you will save on waste costs


you will reduce the use of water


you will contribute to a more sustainable world


The more Geostick customers participate in the programme, the greater the benefit for the environment.

The Geostick Return programme works as follows:
Geostick provides you with two empty boxes for collecting backing paper.
Two boxes fit on one pallet. All the colours of glassine (white, yellow, honey and blue) and CCK Kraft paper can be kept in these boxes. The backing paper must be free of labels, plastic, cardboard and cores.

Once the two boxes are full (weight 300 to 500 kilos), seal them and report them to us. Then send the pallet back to Geostick. Geostick combines the boxes from multiple customers and sends them all together to the recycling company. You will receive a certificate every year indicating how many kilos of backing paper you have sent and what the CO2 savings have been.

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The advantages of our recycling programme are obvious: you only need to store little backing paper yourself; you save on waste disposal costs; the backing paper is processed into new packaging material, and you make an important contribution to a more sustainable world!

Recycle now!