Press Release

Geostick signs partnership with Stratus and Nordvalls

The Geostick family continues to grow. Recently, Geostick closed a contractual partnership with Stratus Packaging and Nordvalls. The basis for the collaboration of the three companies is to strengthen and maintain market share in a highly competitive market. The companies from France and Sweden, respectively, are in line with Geostick’s long-term vision. A future in which sustainability and innovations for product, packaging and machine development will be central. And in which joining forces and sharing knowledge yield concrete competitive advantages.

To maintain a competitive edge, the partnership must continue to grow. With this, the companies collectively create a continuous business flow for suppliers and an organization for competitive prices and services.

Cees Schouten (COO at Geostick) says: “In the highly competitive market, we are seeing more and more acquisitions from investment parties. That is why we, as a family business, enter partnerships with parties that have the same focus and core values: Stratus is a family business, just like Geostick, and the owner of Nordvalls is the Possehl foundation. We look forward to creating long-term benefits in all areas of the chain with this partnership.”