Twin, triple and booklet lables

The perfect solution for more information on 1 label

Twin-, triple and booklet labels 

Twin or triple labels are an ideal solution if you are looking for an effective and stylish way to communicate large amounts of information on your products. As more and more restrictions and/or demands are being placed on the provision of information on products, space quickly runs out on your carefully designed labels. The result is too little space on a regular label. And for that we have developed twin and triple labels.  

The booklet label is a self-adhesive label with a printed booklet to be used to communicate comprehensive information in a functional and compact format in a cost-effective manner. The size and number of pages are to be adapted to your products’ need for information. This construction of the booklet label is especially suitable for extensive product descriptions, user instructions, cross-promotions and multilingual descriptions. 

Advantages of twin, triple and booklet labels are:

  • Communication of comprehensive information 
  • More information on one label 
  • Can be customized to any size and brand style 
  • Promotional purposes 
  • Replacement for paper leaflets 

These labels are extremely suitable in the following markets:

These labels are extremely suitable in the following markets: 

  • Pharmaceutical industry 
  • Chemical industry 
  • Crop protection 
  • Advertising 
  • Food industry 

The possibilities are endless

Geostick has professionals specialized in compiling and producing twin, triple and booklet labels. Are you curious about the possibilities? Our experts are ready to provide you with advice on the best solution for your specific problem. Please contact us.