Healthcare labels

The versatile side of self-adhesive labels

With more than 25 years of experience in the production of labels for the Healthcare industry, we can call ourselves a true specialist. We truly understand the complexity of quality requirements and the required accuracy needed for the production of labels within the sector. Geostick is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and FSSC 22000 certified and works according to GMP guidelines. For the Healthcare industry we provide various label and printing solutions.  

Laboratory labels

In laboratories (such as the clinical chemical lab and medical microbiology), specific color-coding labels and barcode labels are used to ensure an optimal laboratory process. Color-coding labels are often used to identify different types of samples, such as blood, urine, and tissue samples.  

Barcode labels are used to track and trace samples throughout the laboratory process. The self-adhesive label is provided with a unique barcode that is scanned and linked to patient data and the corresponding sample. With this, laboratory staff can accurately monitor the processing status. 

Labels for medication and pathology

Medication labels 

Medication labels are of great importance in (hospital) pharmacies, operating rooms and intensive care unit. These provide essential information about the correct medication and dosage. We produce according to GMP guidelines and ISO 26825 color-coding, to ensure they meet the highest quality requirements. The uniform color-coded medication label is crucial in identifying the drugs. The uniform colors indicate the type of medication and its action. This lowers the risks of administering the wrong medication. 

Labels for pathology 

Xylene is an aggressive solvent necessary for the histological and cytological examination in pathology. We have developed the so-called xylene label especially for these examinations. The labels can be used on examination glasses which will be immersed in xylene during the fixation process.  

These labels use a special material which is resistant to xylene and other similar solvents. Due to the dissolving properties of xylene this is a crucial element of the labels. Without the resistance, the ink and label material would compromise the identification of the tissue material.  

These labels are available in various sizes and can be pre-printed or in-printed with a label printer. 

CSSD labels

The Central Sterilization Services Department (CSSD) in the hospital ensures that medical devices and surgical instruments can be used sterile again after the sterilization process. An important part of this is the CSSD label.  

Our CSSD labels can be preprinted with color indicator ink. This special ink changes color when the steam sterilization process is completed. The labels are resistant to steam, high temperatures, and are safeguarded according to a secure production process.   

Available as a single label, but also as a double, so-called piggyback, label.  

Blood bag labels

Blood bag labels contain important information such as name, blood type, Rh factor, date, expiration date and lot number and are therefore critical to patient safety. Our blood bag labels are made of a self-adhesive material especially for this application because both the ink and the glue are absolutely not allowed to migrate into the blood bag.  

If you want to print blood bag labels yourself, we have a solution for that too. With specially designed label printers for medical use, you can print your own blood bag labels on location.  

Do you wish for more information about our solutions in the Healthcare industry? Please contact one of our specialists, they are ready for you and will be happy to help you find the right solution for your specific Healthcare issue.