Labeling systems

It does not matter which products or packaging you want to provide with a self-adhesive label. With labeling, anything is possible. Labeling is a crucial part of packaging and selling products, with our labeling machines you accurately label every product. No matter what size or shape. Our machines can automatically apply labels to packaging or products, with a speed and precision that is not possible by hand. 

Using a labeling machine, your company can save time and costs, increase productivity and improve the quality and appearance of your products. In addition, they can comply with labelling laws and regulations, which is important for the safety and protection of consumers.  

Whether you’re a small business just starting out, or an established player in the market, using a labeling machine can improve your manufacturing process and give your brand an advantage over the competition.  


We work together with renowned companies including CAB, Weber and B+B. Any desired labeling machine can be madetomeasure, so that the labeling machine meets your specific wishes and requirements. If you want to know more about labeling machines and what the possibilities are, please contact us, our product specialists are ready for you. 

Why choose Geostick labeling machines?

  • Together with you, we design the labeling machine that meets your specific wishes and requirements 
  • We guide from A to Z and go even further. Extra functionalities, a malfunction or advice? We are here for you.
  • One-stop-shop Service contracts available – make sure your labeling machine runs flawlessly 
  • Label at any desired position 
  • Increase your productivity 
  • Is your product square, oval, round, smooth, rough, long or short? It doesn’t matter, because almost every shape is labelable with our labeling machines.