The Geostick Foundation supports, finances and stimulates (inter)national activities in sports, culture, social issues, education and sustainability. The activities being selected have a focus on (one of) three elements: People, Planet and Prosperity. 

To this end, the Geostick Foundation annually selects a number of socially relevant projects at home and abroad that will then be supported financially and, if possible, operationally. 


The Geostick Foundation aims to provide non-profit development aid and to support and finance socially relevant projects and/or individuals at home and abroad. 

The mission and activities of the Geostick Foundation are based on three sustainable principles:  


Attention to people


Attention to the environment


Contunuity of well-being

Goals and approach

The approach of the Geostick Foundation therefore consists of providing financial support and realizing projects. It also stimulates (scientific) research and initiates fundraising for these goals. Furthermore, the Geostick Foundation offers direct support to people involved in the initiatives. 

Utilizing this approach, in the coming years, the foundation wishes to further complete its mission by contributing to a sustainable, healthy and peaceful society. 


The Geostick Foundation was founded on 28 December 2018, registered office in Uithoorn and granted the status of Public Benefit Organization (ANBI). 

The foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce as Stichting Geostick Foundation in Uithoorn (Chamber of Commerce number: 73525828, RSIN number: 859558186). 

The board works completely unpaid and consists of the following members: 

  • Peter Berveling, chairman 
  • Armand van Huut, treasurer and secretary 
  • Jan-Pieter Brandwijk, board member 
  • Cees Schouten, board member 
  • Jan-Willem Vink, board member 


The Geostick Foundation raises its funds on the basis of periodic donations from companies within the Geostick Group, donations from private individuals, subsidies, bequests and other benefits. The available financial resources (with the exception of office costs, bank costs and interest) are fully used for charities and sustainable initiatives. 

The foundation has no fees for board members and has no further (management) costs. The administration is carried out by the treasurer, who is also responsible for the annual accounts. The annual reports can be downloaded below.  


The Geostick Foundation supports various charities every year. In 2023, the Foundation supported the following organizations: 

Green intelligence 

This company strives to create a livable environment in Nepal, in collaboration with the local population. For 5 years, they create forest areas and maintain them together with the locals. The donation from the Geostick Foundation offers the opportunity to create more than one hectare of forest area, good for up to 825 trees. 

NEC Nijmegen 

The Foundation has been able to contribute to the social branch of NEC Nijmegen. The N.E.C Football Memories project is committed to elderly people who live in loneliness and/or have dementia. In the ‘Former Boardroom’, volunteers reminisce with the elderly.