With print & apply solutions, self-adhesive labels are (in-)printed and then applied directly to a product or packaging. Variable data, barcodes or a logo can also be printed and accurately applied to a product, packaging, but also, for example, to a pallet or container.  

Print & apply solutions are often used in the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the logistics sector. These solutions help streamline various business processes. By automating the labeling process, productivity is increased and product quality is improved. 

The basis of a print & apply solution is a printer that is specially designed to print and apply labels. The printers can print different types of labels, including barcode labels, product labels, shipping labels and more. The label is then passed on to an applicator that applies the label to the product or packaging. 

Ben je op zoek naar een print & apply oplossing, dan is het belangrijk om te overwegen welke functies en opties voor jouw toepassing het meest geschikt zijn. Er zijn veel verschillende merken en modellen beschikbaar, elk met hun eigen unieke kenmerken en voordelen.

The type of applicator needed depends on the way of application and environment. Some solutions are designed for high speed and high volume production, while others focus on accuracy. We offer different types of applicators that will suit your needs. In addition, we deliver modularly build print and apply systems – this allows you to implement a suitable system at relatively low costs and relatively quickly. In those cases where a standard system is not sufficient, we can design and deliver a fully customized system.  

By identifying your needs and working with an experienced supplier, you can choose the right solution that improves your labeling process and optimizes your business performance. 

Advantages print & apply

  • Printing and application of self-adhesive labels with one machine
  • Both for high and low speeds
  • Accurate application of the self-adhesive label to the product
  • User-friendly software for formatting the self-adhesive label 
  • Direct thermal and thermal transfer possible 

If you want to know more about print & apply solutions or if you want advice for your specific issue, please contact one of our specialists. They will be happy to help.